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Thanksgiving Day, you must have heard of, common in the United States and Canada's festival, by the American people's original creation, original intention is to thank the god-given good harvest, thanks to help from the indians.In the United States, since 1941, Thanksgiving Day is on the fourth Thursday of November each year, and from this day will be on leave for two days.

christian louboutin black friday

Christian Louboutin Black Friday

But when it comes to "Black Friday", I believe that you are not so familiar with!"Black Friday" generally refers to the second day the United States after Thanksgiving, namely the November 4th Friday,Christian Louboutin Black Friday the day as the beginning of the year-end shopping, is the day when foreigners are used to shopping spree.Don't have to work in foreign countries, this is the day, a national holiday, the bus will be closed, if you want to go to the mall shopping, that can only choose to drive or walk.

Thanksgiving Day in 2013, the domestic well-known luxury fashion shopping site shangpin will launch a series of rich and colorful Thanksgiving online activities, members can since November 25th day, enjoy the shangpin launched special different Thanksgiving feedback activities every day, including special accessories,Black Firday Christian Louboutin beauty makeup household special special, watches, glasses and clothing bags shoes boots, can let the members in the "black Friday" before the arrival in advance to enjoy the fun of shopping to reward yourself, family or friends, more have no single surprise waiting for you to take!And in November 29 "black Friday" on the same day, you don't like foreign, trembling in the cold wind row brigade, even in selling tent waiting outside the gate open...Shangpin will be carried out in this day all category shopping Thanksgiving feedback activity, you simply move the mouse before sitting in computer, you can enjoy the annual shopping as foreign Thanksgiving feedback!

In addition, the event also introduced a "gratitude members" section, as long as you have been bought in shangpin, can follow shangpin review together dribs and drabs: do you remember when did you become a member of shangpin?Do you remember the first things you buy in shangpin is?You know you in this year's third shangpin 520 anniversary celebrate their activities and on October 22, is the international fashion carnival two online events in how much you spend on...?These shangpin will for you to join us.Will just end in October announced for everyone "is the international fashion carnival" activities of hermes, chanel, award winning members during the process of birth, please look!

But as for the use this special Caddy fixings, my subconscious thought is often to see the kind of girl in Los Angeles.Usually these girls never took to the streets when the weather is poor,Christian Louboutin Black Friday Sale but when they take to the streets, they will glow in the open air to wander in the organic market.Is a scene like that.I imagined a brentwood girl pulling the appearance of the Caddy fixings shopping, oh, by the way, she also shopping while mobile phones!If you asked me if I can pull a Caddy fixings around Paris market?Will be...But certainly is in the sunny day

So I started thinking about the design of Louis vuitton and myself are applied to all kinds of style elements.I thought of lacquer, especially to work in it than send style and Japanese culture, I am more convinced that this is a great idea.This is a kind of the fusion of color and appeal of intersection;In terms of Black Friday Christian Louboutin Sale, is it to send and the influence of the Monogram service design reference for the Japanese culture;From my own part, in addition to the rich flavor of France, and some Japanese style and my personal signature design - red soles - the red lacquer.So, undoubtedly, is my red element must be present in the design of!

Monogram service design itself with that than style.Those in the late 19th century and early 20th century, the French artist's influence is very profound.And that than pie is influenced by Japanese art itself and inspiration.I think I have to do is create some very French flavor, Paris wind is dye-in-the-wood.I am a native of Paris, so I consider design to me is full of the spirit of Paris.This is also the Caddy fixings the origin of the design concept.(note: Caddy fixings is generally referred to as the French rival pull roller in a shopping cart, is very common in France, people often take it to market and supermarket shopping at the weekend).Walking in Paris over the weekend in the market, always can see the figure of hand Caddy fixings - I have a try for about two hours in the internal market of Caddy fixings number: 109!

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